Nonny is a Melbourne-based photographer with a background in business and social media marketing. Her passion is taking ideas and turning them into a digital reality, showcasing her clients, their businesses and their products in the best light.

For her creative work, Nonny gains inspiration and insight from the world’s vibrant subcultures. Her work has an air of moody passion and dreamy nostalgia, which combine to direct her own distinctive and vibrant photographic style. 

Nonny's portfolio spans across commercial fashion, portraiture and product photography, with her work being recognised and featured in publications such as Vogue Australia, Forbes (Digital), Frankie Magazine, Broadsheet and The Design Files. She has also enjoyed working on projects with a strong community-focussed ethos with local organisations such as Melbourne's Multicultural Centre For Women's Health, Birth For Humankind, The Social Studio, and It's Not A Compliment.

Features and Publications:

The Design Files, 2021
Forbes, 2020 
David Jones Magazine, 2020
Vogue Australia, 2020
Refinery29, 2020
WWD Digital, 2020
Allure Magazine, 2020
Byrdie Magazine, 2020
Solstice Magazine, 2020
Vault Art Magazine, 2020
Sydney Morning Herald, 2020
Frankie Magazine, 2020
Broadsheet Melbourne, 2020
The Design Files, 2020
Archer Mag, 2018
ACCLAIM Magazine, 2018
BE.Collective Zine, 2018
Girls IRL Mag, 2018
Page One Magazine, 2018
iD Magazine, 2018
iD Magazine, 2017
Altair Zine, 2017
Fashion Journal, 2016
Spook Magazine, 2016
Indie Photography Festival Zine, 2016
Kimi Magazine, 2015
Fashion Journal, 2015
Live Mag South Africa, 2015
Fashion Journal, 2014
Fizzy Magazine, 2014
ACCLAIM Magazine, 2014

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